Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Top 10 Signs You’ve Been Etsy-ing TOO Long! By www.LiveBetter.etsy.com 10. When shopping in a store for a new pair of jeans you ask the saleslady, “ How many ‘hearts’ do these have?”9. After running into an old school buddy at the supermarket, you promise to ‘convo’ him later and while walking away you shout over your shoulder, “Oh and I am not a spammer!”8. You get into a heated argument with a car salesman while shopping for a new car. He continues to insist none of their cars have “Shop Local” installed in them while you verbally berate him for keeping all the “good” cars under lock and key.7. While preparing your family’s dinner, you arrange the meat and vegetables attractively on each plate. Then you ask each family member for a ‘critique’ on your style and presentation before you allow anyone to take a single bite. 6. Your best friend asks you if they look fat in their new outfit and you reply, “Nah, you don’t look fat but that outfit is a bit dark and blurry.”5. You begin developing an inferiority complex because your hand-knitted toaster cozy is not as fabulous as another Etsy artisan’s. It gets so bad that you actually use your hard-earned sales profits to seek professional help to boost your Etsy self-esteem. 4. After paying for gas at the local pump, the cashier brightly adds, “Have a nice day!” with a gleaming white smile as you exit the store. Indifferent to her charms you reply, “Just remember to leave me positive feedback…puh-leaze!”3. You start saving all the pull-off tabs from your soda cans because you just know someone on Etsy will buy such a clever little ‘destash’.2. You start an Etsy-wide petition demanding that Webster’s Dictionary create a new word - “Etsyian” which denotes a handmade artisan with a flair for creating. And the number one sign you’ve been Etsy-ing too long is...drum roll please...tata...tata...tata.... 1. After long suffering with combined symptoms of joint and muscle pain in your ‘mouse-clicking’ hand, eyelids that no longer close, and several bouts of getting into arguments with YOURSELF, your primary care Physician submits a newly discovered malady to the New England Journal of Medicine called, “Etsy-itis”.


  1. LOL, yup been around the "Etsians " took long! ;-)

  2. Very Cute indeed!